2020 isn't just about two speakers and a screen.

We borrow code from our sister studio, :XP, to create incredible audio-driven experiences.



Interactive Music

We were the first company to develop an automated algorithm to up-mix 2D music for 360 video content, and we didn’t stop there. We’ve since created interactive music systems for SteamVR titles, AR apps, and public installations. Cloak Studios, our collaboration with Pusher Music, is dedicated to bringing next-gen interactive experiences to the music industry, and we’re only getting started. 

I liked the effect of [the music] feeling outside my body, but non-distracting”

Kevin Bolen, ILMxLab



Audio Augmented Reality

In 2017, we finished a two-year, developmental case study for Audio Augmented Reality. We designed, prototyped, and tested a portable system for a next-gen, 6‑DoF audio guide, based on a hybrid tracking system unifying computer vision and beacon-based tracking. The goal of the project was to develop a wide-area solution suitable for high-volume situations that could deliver an audio experience akin to VR without the goggles.” 


Sonic Branding

Make it Ring

We worked with Medtronic to create sounds for a revolutionary biotech product. The project goal was to develop sonic interaction design which would allow their devices to stand out from the rest of the machines in a crowded O.R., increase sales through positive interactions with surgeons, and operate within the noise standards for surgical environments. We were able to create and implement stylish sonics while navigating a highly regulated manufacturing marketplace. 

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