A little bit about us.


Safari Riot HQ is our 2500 sq ft. creative project facility in North Hollywood, CA


It houses several working spaces including...


Studio A

A client friendly creative suite with modern furnishings and copious natural light.


Experience Room

A 420 sq ft. live room, doubling as our room-scale XR development space.


Studio B:  A 140 sq. ft. post mix suite.

Studio C:  A cozy music production bay.

We get comfort and vibe are crucial. 

We want this to feel like home, so we made sure to build: A spacious, social kitchen area with craft beers on tap and a top shelf cocktail bar, a friendly, communal conference room for collaboration, and a 250 sq ft. patio for sunshine (or moonlight) breaks.


We think hanging out is the quickest way to a good idea.

So come hang out with us!

And we love to throw parties.


Let's make something.